It Can’t All Be Bad


I would love to say it is filling the voids all around me but the reality is my children are sleeping and it should be silent. There are what seem like 50 damn birds chirping, chirping, chirping. A trash trucks breaks squealing. Dogs barking. I think I can hear the pounding that is going on in my own head and has been going on for the past 2 days. How can my kids sleep through this!? I can even hear the whirling of every fan in the house because it’s so damn hot outside we might get heat stroke! Ok, the heat stroke thing may be a little exaggeration….maybe. It is damn hot though and at our house it is a beautiful 75 degrees! Here it’s 100 before noon and I’ve been nursing a headache for what seems like a week!

If today could be a day of doing nothing, I might be in love but I know that having children means that is impossible. Even though they are sleeping I can already hear them. “Mom, I need help.” “Mom, can you come here?” “Mom, I’m hungry.” “MOM, he touched me.” “MOM, she hit me.” “MOM, MOM, MOM.” It’s already adding to my headache and it hasn’t even happened yet! It’s ok. I’m just going to WOOO-SAAWW W and take some deep breaths.

It is going to be a fabulous day! My headache is going to disappear. My kids are going to be amazing! And it’s not going to be as hot today! Right!? Right!

Let’s do this!

Happy Tuesday!


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