Is It Thankful Thursday?

It has been while and It’s time for….

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for many things as our lives are about to change. Big things, small things. Things that you might not even realize you are thankful for.

I am still Thankful that Travis has a job. Yes, moving isn’t super ideal but it comes with life.

It makes me Thankful for the opportunity to see a different part of the United States and  have us all experience a bit of diversity.

I am Thankful for my abilities to do things while Travis is gone and home. Cleaning, tractoring, yard work, school, stuff with the animals. Sometimes it can be very difficult and strenuous but in the end we are working as a unit and accomplishing something together, even if he’s not home.

I am Thankful for remorse. In most cases it is something that can not be taught and learning it on your own enables you to master it. Levi has this trait and learned it on his own through all of the things he has had to endure. I am Thankful he has it because there are trying times in parenthood that make you feel like a failure but when they come back later in the day remorseful and loving, it then makes you feel as if you are doing it all right!

I am Thankful for communication. Not only with Travis but everyone I love and care for. Communication is key. For small and large things. For things you might believe are ridiculous. Someone else will not feel that way. Communication is important to understand someone elses feelings and perspective.

I am Thankful for routine and schedules. When my family is on a routine we run smoothly. That’s not to say it never gets broken and then we don’t run smooth. We still do. But the routine helps us all to keep our shit together!

Sometimes when you think about it, it’s hard to believe what you are really thankful for. I am thankful for everyday. For my positivity and optimism. Also for my ability to see how things are and call it like I see it. My realistic side.

Remember- Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!

What are you most Thankful for this beautiful Thursday?


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