Is It Monday Already??

I believe today is going to be quite the manic monday!

Lots to accomplish in a small amount of time.

My grandmothers service over the weekend was beautiful and filled with so much love, it was hard to be sad. The love our family shared with each other is a love that can never be tattered. Grandma made sure of that!

As I was sitting in a pew listening about grandmas quick wit and how she told you what you needed to hear not what you wanted to hear I quickly realized where I had gotten it from. Sarcasm, stubbornness and being real. I thank her for that.


It is not a time of sadness but a time of happiness to relish the live that she lived in hopes we can all be so lucky!

If it wasn’t for my ranch and schooling I would still be out there with my family!

Here’s to my manic monday!


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