For years I wrote in a journal. I still do. That was and is my inspiration for writing this blog. I remember my very first journal. My Aunt Linda had given it to me as a gift for christmas in 1997. At first I thought what in the world am I going to do with this? Then one day something sparked my interest in writing down my feelings. BARF! But once I did I felt so much better. I kept it up and wrote anything and everything I could inside these books. Deeming them “private.” They are all full of my feelings. Good, bad, sad, angry. When I hated my parents or my friends and boyfriends. When I had my first child and had NO idea what I was doing and why he wouldn’t stop crying. Getting married. Everything went inside these books containing my feelings.

            My Journals. Top Left is my Very first journal ever!

One day after writing in my journal I thought to myself “why don’t I start a blog?” Same general idea it’s just not “private” anymore. I get to share it all with you! Lucky for me I don’t mind being criticized or judged. There will probably still be things I write “privately” in my journal but I love getting it all out!

Point being…When you start something you might not know where it will take you. You start it because it makes you feel good which in turn makes you want to do it more. You continue to do it for so long you branch out to something bigger! Like a blog or writing a book. When you learn to sew and it starts with something simple like blankets and turns into clothes and embroidery or handbags. You just never know what will take you where when you keep it up and have the dedication and motivation to make it whatever your heart wishes it to be.

Thank You to My Aunt Linda for getting me my first journal. I’m sure not knowing it would lead to this or catch on like it did. For always believing that I CAN DO WHATEVER I SET FORTH TO!


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