I’m Glad I Have Kids…

Whenever I meet new people and they suddenly realize that the giant of a 11 yr old next to me is my son, the first thing they do is ask my age or how old I was when I had him. Just last week someone thought I was his big sister. Then the gushing begins of how young I was when I had him. Finding out I have another and they are 5 years apart is sort of a stunner as well. Then I get the ridiculous question of “why did you have kids so young?” I just want to slap some people. Really, I don’t know if people can answer that besides the obvious of this is how it happened and the rest is history.

Kids are annoying as all hell in their own individual ways. No kid annoys the exact same way. I never get time in the bathroom alone…EVER. I break up ridiculously stupid fights and arguments. I help them both with homework at the same time and honestly miss half of what each are saying unless they decide they want to take turns with me. (which is rare) So why did I have kids? I don’t know. But I am glad I did. Contrary to rational thought, the tiny slivers of amazing outweigh the abundance of crap in the parenting experience. Here is my upside to having kids.

Sheer Joy- As much as my kids push me to my limits they also have a way of making my heart swell like no other. It can happen anytime and anywhere. When my 11 yr old randomly says he loves me, out of nowhere and gives me a kiss. Which is totally rare. When my 7 yr old runs and flings her body at me, wraps her arms around me and tells me how she loves me when she gets off the bus. The waves of bliss that come as I witness the unfolding of their lives is indescribable.

Being Present- I find that when I forget about planning, cleaning or what has to be done and get on the floor to play legos or shopkins, it feels pretty awesome. Everyone getting along playing together in the now. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Leadership- I am the go to for scraped knees, bloody noses and crashes. I am in charge of the safety, health and well-being of 2 other beings. (well 3 if you count Travis) I am in charge of bedtime, meal times and showers. This kind of leadership takes confidence and motherhood has given that to me.

Brutal Honesty- If you don’t look good in an outfit or have big zit on your face, they will make sure to tell you. If you got really drunk at last weekends family get together, they will bring it up and talk about the silly (stupid) things you may or may not have done. When you forgot to pack them a lunch and they didn’t brush their teeth before school, they will be sure to mention that to their teacher that day. As embarrassing as this is sometimes, I hope they never lose it!

Mistakes Happen- There is no such thing as “mistake-free parenting.” Sometimes tempers will be lost, bedtimes will be forgotten or broken, the kids will be late for sporting events and school. Parenthood is all about trial and error and learning as we go.

Gratitude- While I am grateful for the big things like a roof over my head, food in our bellys and my husband that provides for us, having kids has made me deeply grateful for the mundane. When the rain stops and we can finally go outside to jump in puddles. That there is puddles to jump in. When Delylahs fever breaks. When the kids play legos and don’t fight. When they eat the dinner that I have slaved over thinking they are really going to like this fancy meal.

Comic Relief- Kids are funny. Funny in as they are humorous and they can be funny looking at times. There’s nothing like a good laugh, especially when it’s from your kids, to distract you from the day-to-day slog of parenthood.

I’m also glad that school is almost over and we can enjoy the summer. More fighting, yelling, loving and amazing family time!!!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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