I’d Rather Not…

The middle of the week has graced its presence and has also taken away my freedoms. I thought that’s what Monday was for!?  The end of this week has me busy and doing things I’d rather not do….

I’d rather be at yoga right now than writing this but I have a dentist appointment that is actually fast approaching and had to skip yoga today. I see women coming to yoga and leaving early for an appointment but that didn’t sound appealing to me. Constantly checking the time to be sure I wasn’t running late while I was supposed to be breathing in peaceful tranquility. So, I decided to skip to. I’d rather not be going to the dentist….

Id rather not eat gluten-free bread and lactose free anything. EVER AGAIN! Yesterday I had gluten-free bread with spinach and an egg. Maybe it’s because I am literally starving, but it was the most delicious thing I have eaten, ever! But come on, I’d really rather not.

I’d rather not have to be a raging, lunatic of a parent that is at school constantly arguing with the staff about the protection and safety of my children but they can’t seem to handle the situation themselves.

I’d rather not have to smell that pungent, weird smell in my car but I’d also rather not have to clean it out. Let’s face it, I’m not cleaning that car out.

Or listen to my kids argue about what’s really wrong with me, health wise or mentally. haha

What is it that you would rather not be doing? Today or any other day.

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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