I am the person that holds it all together for the people around me. So much so, that some people might think this is everything I wanted. I wanted to move away. That I don’t mind doing everything all the time. That this is just who I am. Someone who likes to stay super busy getting things done and handling it all to keep everyone else from stressing. YOU ARE ALL WRONG!

The last thing I wanted to do was move away from somewhere I have loved growing up. Where my children call home and get to live a carefree life. Where we can have tons of property with a beautiful home at a price you will NEVER find anywhere else. I don’t want to leave my family and my best friends. Rip my children away from the only things they have ever known. Get rid of things we all love because we won’t have room for them and who knows when we will ever be back. But to be a good mother and wife, I have no real choice (unless you want to be an ass hole about it) but to keep it together for them. To make it seem like the most wonderful thing in the world and that our lives will continue to be awesome if not more so with this move.

Because I am calm on the outside, doesn’t mean I’m not freaking out on the inside. I have NEVER done anything like this before in my life. Never have I had to do so much paperwork involving buying a house. Or research for that matter and everything that goes along with it. What we have now fell into our laps through family and was easy. Never have I had to pack a 3,000 sq ft house by myself while fixing anything that is wrong with it while it I go to ensure a smooth sell (it’s A LOT and I do it alone). Never have I ever had to go through my husbands mass amounts of things in his shop because this is killing him and it must be done. Never have I ever had to post things to sell and give away simply because we can’t take it. We just can’t take everything.

People assume that because I seem calm and all for this move that I am not stressed. That it’s not bothering me as it bothers my family. IT DOES! No one really asks me because they see me as handling it all just fine. I am just holding it all together for my family. If everyone was stressed and worried about it, we wouldn’t be getting much done. Unfortunately we don’t have a choice. Travis got transferred. That is the reality of it. He starts next week. We HAVE to move. We have a time limit and things have to be done.

I love my family and I would do anything for them. I will hold it all together and pick up the pieces of myself later. I want my kids to be happy. I want my husband not to stress and believe that we will be ok. That everything is not on his shoulders. That I have his back and I am here no matter what.

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