I Just Want My Coffee

It’s saturday. The day most people sleep in. I get up at 6am hoping to beat the atrocious heat and pesky flies while feeding animals and tending to the garden. It didn’t work out that way though. After being outside for 1 hour I decide this is the pits and I’m going in for coffee only to find dog vomit on the floor, my kids still sleeping (jealous) and I still can’t make coffee.

So I clean things up a bit and my kids wake up. Mind you we all slept in the living room because we tore my room apart yesterday and my awesome little helpers helped me paint a wall in my room. Something I’ve been talking about doing for at least a year. (They probably don’t realize they will be helping me put it back together today!) They wake up and tell me how horrible they slept. Really? I was with you guys and we all seemed to sleep just fine. Except for maybe Delylah who fell off the couch.

After everyones panties are untwisted for the morning, I shove food in them, (that seems to always make them happy) still not getting my coffee. Cleaning up the kitchen after them and letting them settle with some cartoons only to have them argue because of course they want to watch different things. This is why I came up with that dreaded schedule not so long ago.The Schedule

Finally the dust has settled….I begin to make my coffee, YAY, when the cats knock stuff over in the bar. I usually wouldn’t run to pick it up until I was done doing whatever I was doing but in the bar is all of Travis’ music equipment. We are talking money! UGH! Really!? Damn cats! Again….my coffee is on hold. Luckily nothing is broken and easy to clean up.

At this point I’m over it. Who the hell needs their morning coffee? I know as soon as I go back to make it something else will happen.

The funny thing is, I sat down to write this and not one single thing happened. Not One! Obviously everything and everybody that lives here likes my blog much more than me having a damn cup of coffee!!

Here’s to another day. Starting out rough but I know it will be awesome! I’ll drink water!

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