I Just Don’t Like It….

It’s been about 4 months since the big move. I have been busy with yard work, school and making the house my home. But there are still things I dislike very much here. I was positive and optimistic about our move. I knew it would be better for the kids. I am still optimistic that I will adjust and come to love certain things. That I will make great friends and love it here. For now, here’s what I’m having trouble with….

It is the suburbs. There is a recent rise in break-ins in our neighborhood and other crime. While there is crime everywhere, back home I could go outside with my gun, pop off some rounds every day and not worry about trespassers. They knew I was there by the sound of my gun. Here I can’t do that. I can have my gun next me after my home is already violated but I can not just shoot in my back yard or to scare someone off. City living….

I do yard work almost everyday. The passers-by watch with their judgmental eyes and hardly wave back at me when I wave to them. We seem to be outside more than anyone in our neighborhood.

We all know I don’t like the bugs. There was bugs back home but not bugs that would bite you a million times a day! I can’t do anything outside without getting at least 5 bites no matter how much bug spray we use.

Again, this is the suburbs. I have no privacy and am at the mercy of my watchers. Those Effers.

After 4 months and a trash day every week, you would think we would have that down…but no! I miss being able to just load up the trailer with whatever garbage I wanted and tossing it. I can only put so much in those trash cans and they don’t take everything. We have to figure out how to dispose of things ourselves that they won’t take. It’s kind of ridiculous. That’s what I pay them for!

I hate hearing “Oh you’re from California. The cost of living is so much better here.” Actually, it’s not! Yes, gas is a little cheaper but my property taxes are much higher and I have other bills now that I never had because I didn’t live in the city. Also, where we lived, it wasn’t expensive. We bought our 40 acre, 3,000 sq ft home for 260K. I can’t find anything like that here for cheaper than 800K. Don’t tell me it’s cheaper here until you live where I came from.

Most of the people around here are all about what kind of car they have, their name brand purses and newest upgrades. Life is not a competition but the city makes it seem like one. I can’t stand it! No one gives a shit about your Gucci purse or new home theater room.

There are things I like here. Obviously, I am adjusting. I like the kids schools far better. They notify me constantly of what’s happening and what the kids should be doing. I have a pool. I have a garage to park my car in away from the weather.

I would say there is more to do and I don’t like the weather but if you wanted to do something where we lived you just drove. I didn’t mind. I don’t mind the weather here, it’s just weather. Soon, there will be more on the what I like list. There has to be. This can’t just be it. So, I wake up everyday hoping for the best and just living my life with my family!

Happy Wednesday My Friends



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