I Don’t Care About Good Grades

Every 9 weeks during a school year, Levi gets a progress report. Three times out of that school year Levi gets “real” report cards. Delylah only gets the “real” report cards since she is only in 1st grade. We are about to get one of the big ones for Levi. Does it matter? Very little.

I used to be very concerned with the grades my kids would receive. I’d get their report cards or Levi’s progress reports and then 20 question them on why their grade was such and what the hell happened or be high fiving them and getting ice cream. Now my favorite part is the comment section. Which you no longer receive in 6th grade so it’s a wash for Levi. Poor kid. In his case it’s those E, S and O grades I suppose and any comments that do happen to be left.

I have had more parent teacher conferences than I count and even more conferences or meetings with principals and teachers just because. It’s always about Levi doing his work. Levi has an attitude. Levi’s academic progress. Until this school. This principal is amazing and has helped Levi grow tremendously. What I really want to know is if Levi did something on his own or if he had a friend do it? Is he learning responsibility or is he letting things slip through the cracks because he is afraid to speak up still? Did he organize is own folder or did his math teacher do it for him…again. The principal helps me with all of these questions and isn’t as concerned about Levi’s academics either. I like him!

Don’t get me wrong. I do care if he is passing a class. Not with an A. That is certainly not my goal. I am just happy if he passes and is gaining knowledge. Assessment grades and test scores are just bench markers. They put the kids on a list of who is in 1st or last. That is not all there is to kids. Whether they get good grades or not. Are they kind in the hallways? To the new kid? On the bus? Are they being the best they can be?

I try to stay on top of Levi so he doesn’t miss assignments. Thankfully our school has a website for that and Levi is beginning the responsibility of learning to stay on top of that for himself. Learning to ask his teachers things without me having to email them. Being his own person. He may not be getting A’s on those assignments but he is learning responsibility for himself and that is better than an A on a test to me!

He helps kids in the hallway. There was a boy once that needed a ride. Levi didn’t even know the boy’s name but said I would do it. (I did but we had a talk after) He could tell the boy needed help, just needed someone. The kindness that radiates from him (when he wants it to) amazes me. Better than an A on an assessment test would.

It took me quite a while to realize that this is what I would rather have than a straight A student. I don’t want him to struggle and would help him get on the right track if he was. I am perfectly happy my kids are “average.”

I still want my kids to study and work hard. I don’t want them to struggle and I hope they get decent grades. But what I really care about is are they friendly, kind, generous and are they spreading that into the classroom and into the world?

If they are, they are getting the best grades in my grade book!

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2 thoughts on “I Don’t Care About Good Grades

  1. I totally agree! I’m much more interested in how my kids are growing as people, whether they are making friends, treating their teachers with respect, loving what they’re learning. These are the questions I ask at EVERY parent teacher conference.

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