I Confess

I have some confessions to make.

As a mother, parent, friend, person-we all do things and maybe we don’t think about when we are doing it but we don’t want anyone to know. We don’t want our kids to find out or our husbands to see. We don’t want our friends to judge us or ass hole people either. Or we have things we do we just don’t tell people about, just because. Apparently I don’t care that much because I’m about to tell on myself. But let’s be honest. Some of you probably do some of the things too or feel the same way, if not some of them then different things….

I wake up in the middle of the night and drink milk straight from the jug! Yep! Why would I grab a cup? No one can see me and I only want a drink.

If I want cookies or a candy bar, I eat it in the pantry or wait for the kids to be in bed so they aren’t begging me for any! The same with ice cream.

I have a bunch of animals. I hate them. I hate them all!

I hate it when girls say “I wanna lose 3 lbs.” But I wanna lose 3 lbs.

I don’t shave everyday. Or every other day. Sometimes, especially when it’s cold, I don’t shave for weeks.

I have made my kids hide with me when the Jehovah Witnesses came to our house.

I like wearing my sons shirts to bed. It’s super weird but they fit me great and are comfortable.

When my kids ask me questions like “How are babies made?” And “Why do boys kiss boys?” I don’t think, I just blurt out the real answer like vomit. Travis hates it!

I have no filter….Most people know this though.

I don’t mind cleaning toilets but I hate doing laundry.

I hope this make you feel better! We all feel some type of way sometimes and it’s OK!


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