These past couple weeks have been long. Long, stressful and they just seem to never end. I haven’t had time for myself, my kids or anyone really. So, I’m going to confess…
We’ve had ice cream for dinner…more than once. The kids did not complain.
Not only that but I don’t care what we eat. I’m not making 3 square meals right now. Guess what? No one is dying or complaining.
One of the weeks, we probably only showered once……time just slipped right by.
I don’t care how much t.v or video games my kids play as long as they weren’t in my way.
I forgot to feed my chickens for who knows how long. When I finally did feed them, they were starving and practically choking on their food.
I enjoy sitting on my computer and writing my blog. But I have been on my computer so much for loan/real estate stuff that I want to throw it out the window. Thanks for that!
I ate a whole bag of flaming hot Cheetos yesterday after my veggie smoothie. That red dye 40 hit the spot!
I feel bad that I’ve been ignoring my kids to get things done. Especially when they ask what I think about whatever it is they just said and I have no idea but answer anyways. Then they tell me that’s not even what they were talking about. Parenting win right there.
I got extremely drunk at least once that I was told about. I don’t feel bad about it but I wish I could remember it.
What do you have to confess??



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