I Am Thankful!

After being gone for so long on vacation I am finally getting back into my writing mojo! Unfortunately, I am sick and haven’t gotten back into going back to the yoga studio. When I went to bed last night I had planned on going to yoga this morning but I woke up feeling worse than yesterday. Dang sinuses and cough. I’ll stick to my workouts  and yoga at home instead of infecting the world more than I already do. Hopefully, Monday I can make my way back to the mat at the studio and away from my kids!

All of that brings me to…


I am thankful for Sudafed, Xyxal, the Netty Pot, Albuterol and Nyquil! When vitamins and homeopathic remedies fail me, I look to the good stuff to get me feeling better. That’s where I am at today! After 2 weeks of being “homeopathic,” I’m over it and I want the Sudafed! Thankfully, I have that option! Get me better!

Last night, Levi brushed his sisters hair for her. She has hair passed her butt and it was so sweet to see him even want to do it. I am thankful for our families close nit relationship and compassion since moving to Texas.

Levi has also been super helpful recently. I don’t make my kids do bunches of chores. If I need help or ask you to do something, I expect you to do it. I asked Levi to help us out by mowing the lawn so Travis wouldn’t have to and helping me with groceries and whatever else I happened to need. He has been more than willing to help me and without his normal 12 yr old pubescent attitude. Maybe we are doing something right… I am thankful he has been so willing to help me and without the grunting!

We have Travis’ work party this weekend. It’s in Louisiana at some Resort/Casino and I am so thankful that we get the opportunity to go. Not that we need another reason to go on a small vacation away, we can and we do that all the time anyways but this time we will get to meet people Travis works with as well as bosses and get to play and have fun too!

Even though I got stung by one of our own bees and my eye swelled up gnarly, I am so thankful we have our own bees and are able to get delicious honey! Tea every night, honey for our coughs, baking with it instead of sugar and topping all of our biscuits with it! MMMmmm, it’s so good!

What are you Thankful for?



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