How You Know Your Chicken Doesn’t Make The Cut

I have chickens. Quite a few of them actually. I’d say 18 to be exact. Sometimes one or two or more don’t make the cut and we get to be a murderer, a butcher and a cook all in a short amount of time. If you have chickens or were wondering how you know if your chickens don’t make the cut, I have compiled a list for you!
If they are picking on your flock incessantly, that chicken doesn’t make the cut.
If 2 chickens/roosters are tag teaming all the hens, they don’t make the cut.
If they are picking on your other animals such as ducks, geese or your dog even, that chicken doesn’t make the cut.
If they are constantly getting out and run from you through acres of bushes, he signed up for his death on his own just by running away!
If they stop laying eggs and you’ve given them a chance (or not), they don’t make the cut. Why the hell would I want a useless chicken?
If they attack you at all, even once, they don’t make the cut. I feed them, give them water and clean up after them. Once they think they can take me, I show em whose boss and it’s not them!
If they appear to be drunk/sick, that chicken has to go before he infects them all and you lose them all anyways. Whose giving them the kool aid anyways?
Don’t waste that chicken though. It can still serve a purpose. A good meal! No matter how small. You can make broth, soup, roasted chicken, a meal for your dogs. Possibilities are endless.
Don’t let your chickens rule the roost!






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