How To Be A Sane Stay At Home Mom

After going through 2 not so fun pregnancies, giving birth and beginning to raise 2 kids while being a stay at home, I have learned it’s ok to ask for help. Sometimes you can’t do it all and that’s ok. I have found I am much more calm now than I used to be. When Levi was little I was quite psychotic and OCD. Everything had to be clean…always. When he was a baby I wouldn’t let anyone touch him. Yes…I was that mom. Then Delylah came and I could care less who touched her or if they used hand sanitizer and washed their hands. I was still very much a clean freak and things made me crazy if they weren’t finished. So in saying that…I have learned to calm myself. Not worry about the small stuff and I am now a sane stay at home mom…I think. Here’s a few of my stay sane ideas.

It’s ok to ask for help- Sometimes, especially when the kids are babies or little, you need an extra hand but don’t want to admit that you can’t accomplish something on your own. I am really bad at asking for help but getting better. Being self sufficient and independent is a great thing but it’s also ok to be needy and as stay at home moms we forget that. I am not a useless housewife that’s for sure but trying to make everything perfect all the time is damn tiring.

Date nights are important- Yes no one wants to leave their kids (cough cough) but it’s very important to get the hell away from them sometimes. Always doing mom stuff when you’re with them and forgetting what it feels like to be an adult. Even if it’s just for a few hours. That few hours will make you a better parent!

Work it- I have found with a little excercise in my day I am more motivated to get shit done. I have more energy and just feel better about myself. That is so important as a stay at home mom. So it may only be 20 minutes but it’s something.

Adults need time outs too- On those days when everything I touch turns to shit (happens all the time) I find it best to just walk away, have 5 minutes to myself and take a breather. It helps me put picky eaters, messes that shouldn’t exist and temper tantrums into perspective.

Shake things up a bit- For years now I have scheduled everything and had a routine. Running around constantly. I have come to realize that a little spontaneity can be kind of nice.

Get out of the house- I don’t know you but being cooped up in the house all day is enough to drive me nuts! All the reminders of what I still need to do and feeling like I can’t leave. Even if it’s just a small trip to get the mail or pick up 1 thing from the store that I may or may not need. It’s amazing what a little time away from home can do for the mood.

Find an outlet- Crafts, sewing, painting, gardening, writing, cooking. Find something that you are passionate about and MAKE time for it. It will do wonders for your soul. I blog!

It’s ok if it’s not done- The laundry is piling up or you washed and dried it but there it sits. The windows have fingerprints and lip marks on them. It’s ok to just let some things be. Not forever but for a while. It’s not going anywhere and it will ber there when you get to it.

Remember, YOU ARE NOT SUPERWOMAN- As much as I like to do everything…RIGHT THIS MINUTE, I need to learn to let things go once in a while or I’m going to get a stress induced ulcer. That would be awful because I wouldn’t be able to drink my wine. That would be really, really depressing.


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