How much do you know about me?

For some of you, you probably think you know a lot! Others are probably chomping at the bit too afraid to ask. A few of you might be questioning but not really care. Today I am going to share some things you might not know about me and you might not care to know about me. Some things maybe you were dying to find out! Here goes…

I have changed my diet many times in the past 2 1/2 years to accommodate my aching stomach and help aid in digestion. Sometimes, I miss meat….

I got breast implant swhen I was 23. Hence the reason for my recent surgery. Implant complications after 9 friggin years. All together $15,000.00 spent on boobies that I’m not sure I’m even happy with….

I proposed to Travis after 6 years and a kid. I was tired of waiting.

I love watching romantic comedies, comedies, dramas, documentaries. I can watch them over and over again.

I can not drink black coffee. I have tried. It is so bitter! I’d rather drink no coffee.

People are always calling me a skinny bitch. My weight is something I have struggled with since I had Delylah. It’s my own issue, in my head. Knowing I am the heaviest I have been outside of pregnancy bothers me no matter how many times people call me a skinny bitch. It’s a struggle. I can’t eat cookies or bread. Or candy…. And I want to!

Sometimes I am jealous of my husband. He gets to go to work. Not have kids fighting and not listening to him. Doesn’t have to pick up the cat poop because the cat’s an ass hole. No homework, pick ups and drop offs, laundry or dishes. Only sometimes though…

I can do pottery. I learned at a young age by the babysitters daughter. Before we moved from California Travis got me a potter’s wheel and kiln. I’m excited for it all to be up and running so I can get my skills back!

Something weird…I have an inverted nipple. It made breast-feeding difficult and painful. It’s something new moms don’t like to talk about. When left ignored and without help, your baby suffers which makes you suffer. I was lucky to be able to talk about it and get help. Turns out my grandma had one too and was able to help me. I never knew until I had a baby and began breast-feeding.

My dream place to visit is Greece. Ever since I read and then saw Captain Corelli’s Mandolin in high school which took place in the greek islands, I have wanted to go there. The beauty and the history is alluring.

I was born on the first day of spring. My name is Winter. I have a cousin named Autumn and a cousin named Summer. And now my sister in law’s name is Summer. I think it was meant to be a life joke.

Some of these things you might have known. I’m guessing there’s at least one thing on the list that no one knew. Now you do!

Happy Sunday My Friends!



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