How Many Places Can I Be In At Once???

Yesterday was a busy day with my regular routine, adding the washing of my car and dentist appointments. When we got home it was already 4pm and time for me to start dinner, help with homework and get things (the kids) washed up and ready for another day.

It doesn’t matter what I was doing, I couldn’t be in enough places at once.

I had 3 people talking to me at the same time while I am making dinner and getting the table ready.

Delylah wants me to play with her American Girl Doll Trailer instead of cook.

She also wants me to jump on the trampoline, chalk, fix her fairy garden, build a fort and listen intently to her stories about the kids at school. (They have cooties)

During that same time, Levi is trying to show me his progress on his game and telling me how cool his new something is.

Dad is telling me stuff from back home and about my roof.

After a few minutes of each person, they all know I can’t hear it all and start to get aggravated with me.

Delylah is asking if I am listening and why don’t I EVER help her?

Levi rolls his eyes and says “He’s done.”

Dad starts asking me questions about what he’s talking about, then realizing I missed all of it says he’ll tell me later.

Come on guys. I was trying! I was cooking and getting Delylahs American Girl stuff down stairs. I was outside fixing the fairy garden while I watched them jump on the trampoline. I saw what Levi showed me but it didn’t actually click because he showed me while me and dad were talking.

I don’t know how many places I can be in at once but it’s apparently not enough sometimes. Not everyone has it all together all the time! I’m just glad everyone got fed, washed up and I didn’t forget anyones medicine before bed!

Today is another day!

Oh, the places we’ll go!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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