How Could I Not Be Thankful?

There is so much to be thankful for in this world.

People want to complain about our new President. They want to complain about their life at home, their spouse, their job, money, the kids. Anything and everything that causes a hiccup in their daily lives gets written up as a complaint!

I can’t do that. There is just too much for me to be thankful for.

Yesterday, Levi and I finished his “project” for school. It was a pain and took hours each day. But it is done. It doesn’t look like I would have done it because he just doesn’t seem to care all that much but he stuck with it and me and got it done! I couldn’t ask for much more.

My dad is still here. Visiting with him is the best. I get to watch the kids (mostly Delylah) play with him after school and see them all smiling! It’s great to have him here!

We take Jack, our little Shorkie, to the groomers every so often. We found out through her that he has an allergy to grains and that’s why he was so stinky. The yeast was coming out in his tears and making his face super smelly. We would not have known. The vet said he just had a scratch on his eye and that’s why his eye leaked. I am so thankful the groomer was knowledgable and told us. Now Jack is on special dog food and hopefully stops being so smelly and having coughing fits.

Mister Postman. Yes he brings me my bills and copious amounts of junk mail. But he also mails my letters to my family and friends and is always willing to wait for me as I am running out of the house to mail another letter.

My kids have their own alarm clocks. I could get them up since I am up before them but dealing with the grumpiness in the morning is not my cup of tea. It took some time for them to get used to it but now they get up on their own and are less grumpy…sometimes.

I can see the positive side in any situation, even if it’s still not ideal. I would rather see the good in everything and everyone than focus on what makes a situation terrible. Like Texas. I’m here in Texas. Not making too many friends and not going anywhere most days. But I have my family with me and we spend a ton of time together now. That makes it worth it.

It’s hard not to be in love with life when you stop worrying about the BS. When you stop letting drama effect you. When you focus on the good that’s all around you. Sometimes my word vomit is hard to swallow but it’s worth the acid reflux!

Happy Thursday My Friends


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