Home Again

We are finally back at home! It felt so good to sleep in our own bed after 2 weeks of traveling.

The last few days of our trip were spent in Mammoth. We went to Mono Lake and learned all about the salty lake. The visitor center there is a quaint little museum with lots of information that the kids were definitely in to.

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On the drive from Gardnerville to Mammoth we stopped at Bodie State Park. Another place my kids were very interested in. The ghost town school house still had writing on the chalk boards left there from the 1930’s!

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We drove the June Lake Loop and checked out all the waterfalls and lakes along the way. Such a beautiful drive in the mountains.

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Our last few days were quite relaxing and well spent with my mom and HP. The drive home was even relaxing (surprisingly). Driving down the 395, seeing Mt Whitney and hoping not to get pulled over for speeding home.

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The kids were abnormally well behaved the entire trip! Some days they just wanted to go home but then we’d get to the next place and they would be having a blast saying this was the best vacation ever! Parents for the WIN!

Finally we are back at home but not without some things happening here on the ranch while we were gone. The last night we were gone ALL of our chickens and turkeys got massacred! ALL of them! In one night! The lights don’t work in the fish tank anymore, some of the garden has been destroyed. All sort of minor except for the chicken thing. That is a big pain in the ass and hit on the pocket but something we can over come and make better next time.

So for now it’s back to reality. Karate, my post op from surgery, cleaning all of our vacation laundry and getting back to normal!


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