Hell-O School Project

When your kid comes home with a BIG project due by Friday and has only one page done with no papers explaining the project, how the hell am I supposed to help him complete it?

This is totally the kids fault. Unorganized and has had weeks to do it! A 5 page paper including work cited, glossary, front and back cover and in magazine form with pictures.

I want to say that it’s hard to believe he hasn’t done any work on this since they have been giving class time to complete it. But I know my kid and he’s a day dreamer and loses things right after he touches them. At the same time, since they were given the time in class to do it, where was the teacher at pushing him to do his work or at least remind him every time she walked by to get it done? I am definitely not blaming her. I know my kid all too well, I just find it hard to believe he has only 1 page done with no notes and no rubric to go off of.

All of this doesn’t matter though. It’s due Friday and is worth half his grade in the class. That means we (yes, him and I or it will never get done) must get busy. Yesterday, I helped him get all 5 pages written and his work cited. I don’t even want to let him take it to school so he doesn’t lose it or forget it again.

Helping him with this project made my head hurt. It’s an easy project but he is not an easy kid. Every word he had to write looked like it gave him great pain and the expressions that would frequent his face looked as if he didn’t even understand what he was writing!

The hardest part about school is trying to fit the homework in our already busy schedule when the kids get home at 4pm. There is still dinner, showers and time to be spent together but some nights (when he doesn’t do his project at school) there is 2 hours of homework. Thank goodness they haven’t started any extra curriculars yet. I don’t know how we will get it all done when that starts.

Today, I get to do me and not worry about homework until the kids get home. Releasing endorphins with my work out, cleaning up the house a bit and hanging out with my dad! My day will be great! Not so sure about my evening….

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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