Healthy Bloating

Everyone is posting about their 7 day challenge to lose weight or their juice and water cleanse. Summer is coming and we should all do some sort of experimental crap with our bodies.

While I am not always happy with the look of my bloating belly I am not about to stop drinking a glass of wine or have a beer. I am not about to only juice for an ungodly amount  of time without chewing food or tasting it. And I am not about to devote hours of my days working out.

I have embraced my body and all its bloating. After all, I know if I didn’t drink I probably wouldn’t bloat. If I didn’t just have that cup of coffee with more creamer than anyone should, I probably wouldn’t bloat. But I’m not about to give those things up so a little bloating I will live with.

I do LOVE to juice! I have never done a juice cleanse where all you do is juice and not eat. But I have juiced one meal a day for a long while and loved it but ended up falling out of that routine with home school and extra curricular activities. That doesn’t mean I don’t eat healthy. I eat tons of fruits and veggies and lay off carbs but still I bloat. I know I am healthy and that’s all that matters. I eat healthy foods and portions and excercise.

So ladies, we should love our bodies the way they are. Do what you know to be the healthy choices and not some fad. That fad is probably not the healthiest of choices and will only have a short term effect of happiness unless you change some part of your lifestyle. Eat healthy, drink lots of water (with your “other” drinks) and maybe go for a walk now and then.

Beauty is what you believe it to be. Not what someone else believes it to be for you.


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