Harvey Is A Terrible Name

Yesterday I woke up to the sound of pounding rain on our bedroom window. Only that wasn’t what I was hearing. It was, but the pounding was in my head from the drinking done on Saturday!

Being in a Hurricane is boring. How many games can one play? Or pages can one color? Or food can one eat!?

I will tell you, I have eaten more in these past few days being stuck inside my house than I do in a week. Also, that I have been casually drinking more than ever just because we have no responsibilities.

Today is the kids first day of school. Cancelled. So far, tomorrow is cancelled too. My hopes and dreams of being alone again with Travis have been postponed by Harvey. A ridiculous sounding name that has done nothing but bring devastation to families throughout Texas and Louisiana.

We aren’t as worried as a lot of others about this crazy weather. But we also aren’t as affected as others.The flooding in Houston, just 35 miles South of us, is devastating. Tornado’s touching down in Katy, also 35 miles from us. Flooding in Conroe with evacuations, just 9 miles north of us. Somehow, we are in the middle and haven’t seen that devastation in our neighborhood. We have everything we need and we have each other. What else is there? Our house isn’t flooded and most likely will not flood. The surrounding areas have been hit hard, including our town. Since we just roll with it and don’t make a huge deal about it, the kids have been great. They aren’t worried when we get another tornado warning and we all watch as the water rises in the back yard.

At this particular point, we are all just bored. We walked in the rain yesterday to check the roads in our neighborhood. Travis got Levi’s quad going. The kids have built Lego cities. We played Just Dance until the connection was not good anymore from the weather.

As of right now, we have a few more days of this terrible weather. But we are all ok and will be ok when it’s over.

It looks like more baking, game playing, movies and mess making! I guess it can’t get much better than that!

Happy Monday My Friends


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