Guilty…I Think Not!

Wednesday has started me off with guilt.

For the past two days Delylah was sick at home with a fever. Finally, her fever broke yesterday and she slept through the night with no issues. When she woke and did the netty pot we were awarded with the wonderful sight of green boogers! Yes, I said wonderful! While she had a fever, she had no other symptoms and her fever was unexplained. Now we have an explanation. Since she did not have the fever she wanted to go to school today and I let her. The second the bus rounded the corner to pick her up, I didn’t think she should go. I let her anyways but have been thinking all day that I should go get her. Guilt or not, I know that she is fine. She caught whatever she has at school and is there now spreading it a little more. Sorry to all the other parents. And thank you to those who do it too. I’m not the only terrible person!

It’s not the only thing I’ve felt guilty about lately….

I didn’t want to make dinner for a few nights in a row. I let the kids eat ice cream. The first night was fun and the kids thought it was awesome. But by the third night I was feeling guilty…Maybe they should eat something better.

I make Delylahs dog stay outside all day! He smells. I can bathe him and the next day, he stinks again. I can not stand it! He’s little and we’ve always had him inside. I feel a little bad….A little.

My list is actually small. In all reality, I don’t feel that guilty. Ya, the dog stays outside. He’s a dog and we have grass now with this big fenced yard for him. Why shouldn’t he be outside? Ice cream for dinner for a few nights never killed anyone. In fact, it boosted our moods right on up beyond happiness! So what Delylahs at school with green boogers. So are 90% of the other kids wiping it all over the place. I did keep her home with her fever and that’s the important issue.

Lots of things make parents feel guilty. In the grand scheme of things, those things are tiny and don’t really matter all that much. They shouldn’t make you feel guilty. More often than not, the things that make you feel guilty as a parent still have your children smiling. That’s what matters!

Happy Wednesday My Friends



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