Gonna Relax AND GO!

After a day of travel and play, we ended up being awake for almost 24 hours. I’m paying for that now as my head is killing me. When I don’t get enough sleep I get headaches. But it was worth it. The kids played with their cousins and we got to relax a bit. Today is more of that. Relaxing, visiting and maybe a nap! We have to get as much relaxation in as we can before tomorrow. Then the real fun begins!

The hectic, craziness that my family loves to endure, begins tomorrow. Getting our wristbands for the river float, finding places for everyone to sleep, waiting up all night just to see everyone and then waking up at 6 am to scramble getting our shit together to float down the river being crazy people! Making the best memories ever. It doesn’t matter what happens at the river float, they are some of the best memories that will stick with me and my kids forever!

Squirting strangers. Jumping from float to float. Having to push and pull our ginormous bundle of floatation devices that have been tied together because we are going to be stuck on the rocks. Carrying it all to and from the river. (That part sucks) But then relaxing, eating and sharing our time together as one crazy, weird but loving family!

I am thankful for the memories I get to partake in. Thankful for all the craziness. Teaching my kids family togetherness no matter what!

Happy Thursday My Friends

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