Our help has left us. What will I do now???

My brother and his girlfriend drove a U-Hual for us on this new journey of ours. Travis and my brother unloaded everything between the night we got here and the following the day. It was hot, they were sweaty and I am amazed it was done so quickly. His girlfriend helped me set up kids rooms, clean stuff, watch my kids and take a break for pedicures! Without their help things would not have come along as far as they have. It sucked saying goodbye when dropping them at the airport.

That’s it. We are now on our own out here.

We took some time and met one set of our new neighbors. They seem nice and have kids the same age as ours. It will be nice having someone to play with right next door for them. I am looking forward to them making friends and having kids over.

So far, 4 rooms in the house are cleaned and set up.  The kids rooms and living room. I wanted them to feel comfortable as soon as possible. Of course every night so far Delylah ends up in our bed. It’s hard when you’re 6 to adjust to a room so far away from mom and dad when your old room was right next door. Let alone the fact that we are in a new place. That time will come. Hopefully soon. Walking up and down stairs when you’ve already been laying in bed sleeping is not what I want to do every night!

Hopefully I can get 2 more rooms done today.

Our family has been stressed but have become stronger. The kids are playing in their new rooms and love having a pool. I’m sure in just a short time we feel right at home.

Happy Tuesday



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