Apparently, the weekend was a little much for Delylah. She woke up with a high fever again yesterday and had to stay home from school. She has and always will be my little sick child. I say child because she wasn’t sick as a baby. But when she became a toddler she seemed to always be sick. Ear infections, flu, pneumonia. You name it and that little girl gets it.

School has only been in session here for 6 weeks and she has missed an entire week already! We are going to get one of those letters declaring us unfit parents and kicking her out of school!

No amount of natural meds or homeopathic preventatives work with Delylah. Neither do real meds. When she was sick a couple of weeks ago they gave her strong antibiotics and they didn’t work or help. They never do. When she had pneumonia they had to keep raising her dose and switching her antibiotics. They were worried she would have to be hospitalized because nothing was working! That was a month of meds! She basically has no immune system. Echinacea, Elderberry, vitamin c, apple cider vinegar, local honey, our own Immunity blend of essential oils to build her immune system. Nope, nothing works with her. She is my special little creature with her own mystical finesse.

The funniest thing is that we just watched Bubble Boy the other day. Levi even mentioned that Delylah should have a bubble! That’s how bad it is. I didn’t say that out loud as he did but I definitely thought it!

Last night she had no fever and didn’t spend the night coughing her lungs up. I only wonder how long it will last.

As a parent you never know when it’s ok to send them to school or not. Let me tell you what I do…

Don’t send them to school with a fever, diarrhea or vomiting.

Don’t send them to school super doped up on meds that make them drowsy either.

Green boogers, a cough or sneezing might be questionable depending on the severity but most of the time is ok. They can’t always miss school for every cough, booger and sneeze. Besides, how do you think they got it in the first place?!

She is probably heading back to the germ fest today. To spread her germs and to collect more! Hoping to one day build that girls immune system.

Happy Tuesday My Friends



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