Fun Times Making Memories!

It’s Friday!

If you don’t already know, Friday excites me! It means it is our last day of school for the week. Our last early wake up for 2 days! Not only that but I keep my week days so busy that I get a small chance to relax. Small because I usually don’t. My kids are home and that means I get to do stuff with them!

The week has been pretty awesome with my dad here. Most days my routine is the same until about 10 am and then we go do something. Yesterday we went kayaking. It was our first time and it was much easier than I thought. There was also a lot more water than I thought too. I had been to that area but not extensively. I imagined that we would just be kayaking through a waterway but it opened up into a beautiful lake with ginormous lake houses surrounding it.

We only went kayaking for an hour but that was definitely enough for our first time out. Had we known what it was going to be like we could have done more and just stopped a lot along the way. My arms would have appreciated that at the time. Because it is located in a city, the ducks and birds do not fly away when you are loud, kayaking next to them. Which I thought was kind of cool. We could see them all up close.There were no alligators….that we saw.

kayaking kayaking-3

Yesterday was kind of jam-packed. After kayaking dad and I had frozen yogurt for lunch. It was hot and were sweaty from kayaking. Frozen yogurt for lunch was perfect and was the best lunch I had in weeks! After arriving home we rested for a short minute and I proceeded to clean out the jungle that is next to our pool. Because working out, cleaning and kayaking weren’t enough for the day!  The kids arrived home and we took them for snow cones at the little snow cone shack around the corner. They loved it!! Then it was time for a swim before dinner and showers!

snow-cones simming-with-papa

It was a marvelously busy day, spent well!

I don’t know if dad is used to the humidity here….or the bugs. It is something that takes adjustment that is for sure. When you wake up and go outside at 6am and it’s so humid out that it feels like it’s 95 degrees but it’s only 76, I don’t know how people get used to it. We are still adjusting ourselves.

Today will be not be as busy. It’s dads last day here with us. We are going to just hang out. Get a good swim in before heading to the airport this evening and enjoy each others company!

Happy Friday My Friends



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