Friday Is Fabulous!

We woke up to Snow! Snow in Texas! We never thought we would see the day!

The last time it snowed in this area was December of 2009!

I am taking it as a sign of how fabulous this Friday truly is!

It is fabulous because Travis is home from work. He was supposed to go in today but there is no one to fly the chopper and it was snowing in Galveston this morning. He gets to be with us for another day!

Waking up to snow was Fabulous! A reminder of home.

Yes, it’s dark. We get up at 5am.

It’s Friday! That itself is fabulous but it is the beginning of Levi’s first swim meet! It is a 3 day meet and I’m excited for him. He isn’t swimming for the meet today but he is practicing for the next 2 days of competition!

Jack is getting groomed today! He is long overdue for a grooming. I can’t wait for him to smell better and see better!

We are sticking to our 25 days of Christmas Movies and Activities. Tonight we are having friends over to watch the movie with us and have some popcorn!

With this cold weather we got out the crock pot and started a pot of chicken soup! There is nothing better than some home-made chicken and dumplings when it’s cold out!

All the bills are paid! That makes this Friday even more Fabulous!

I went to yoga all week and skipped today. I hurt the ball of my foot landing wrong while trying to get down the elbow head stand that I am determined to hold for longer than 10 seconds. But that is Fabulous. I am listening to my body and am able to get some meditation in at home while stretching and giving my foot a break.

It may be cold out with a bit of snow. Delylah may still have a cough and a runny nose. Levi may be grumpy because puberty is just weird. But the bus was on time even though there was snow. The kids got to throw snow balls at each other at the bus stop. We will have friends over after school and Travis is still home to spend time with us.

Friday truly is Fabulous!



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