Yesterday was a busy day of painting cabinets. By the end of the day, mine and Travis’ backs were killing us but the cabinets are just about finished.

Today we have to paint the back side of them and then they are done! I am so excited to get it all finished! Then it’s on to the walls. Hopefully before Travis leaves for work we will get the lighting done as well and the kitchen will be completely finished! I’m so excited!!

The weather today is damn cold. It’s 34° out and with the wind chill it’s even colder. I am not ready to paint in the garage or even go outside at all. Since we moved in I haven’t been able to find my box of beanies and I am in desperate need of them now. They are here somewhere. Probably in the shed. Where it’s freezing. But I have been wanting to find them for a few weeks now. I love to cover my messy hair with a beanie and I have a lot of messy hair days lately.

The kids had a short week of school this week. Last night they were exhausted. Apparently it’s hitting them a little harder than we all thought. But today is their last day for the week and then they can rest. Only over the weekend we are going to stick pretty close to the 8pm bed time. We all need our sleep.

Levi gets his second report card today too. I am excited to see it. We made a deal with him to help get his grades up and it worked! His last report card had a couple of low C’s on them. After that it’s an F, there is no D here. So a low C is unacceptable and a C itself is iffy when I know he can do better. I can’t wait to see it!

Today is another busy day for us. Work out, paint, taping, paying bills…maybe I’ll get to cleaning up the mess we have made from painting. Who knows. I just know that today will be busy. Freezing and busy!

Happy Friday My Friends


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