Friday Feelings

When you wake up and Friday hits you in the face! Yes! Best punch out ever!

I love everyday of the week. I just look forward to Friday now. It means that Saturday is coming and we can sleep in. That makes me feel FABULOUS!

Levi has found someone to confide in. While this someone is not me, it is another adult who he has to be with a lot (at school) and communicates well with Levi and with me. Better days are coming for my little man! What isn’t Fabulous about that?

For the first time since after Delylah was born, I have stuck with my work out consistently for more than just 2 weeks. My body is feeling good, looking good and sleeping better!

It has been 3 days since my last bug bite. While some might not think this is awesome, when you are getting bit every single day and covered in bug bites, skipping a few days of bites is pretty nice!

Delylah got bit by ants over the weekend. I was on it and quickly gave her steroids and antihistamine. Usually, she would still be swollen from the bites but her reaction was not that bad. Maybe Texas ants are different? Maybe I was quick enough with the meds? Whatever the case may be, her shoes still fit! (Her bites were on her foot, haha)

I am getting a crafty itch. I haven’t sewn anything or put anything together really since we moved here. The wheels in my head are spinning as to what my next creation will be and I’m excited! (cough* wish my potters wheel was up and running, cough* Travis)

43 days until we go on an amazing family adventure! I am counting down because it is a big one! I think I am most excited about it but that’s because the kids don’t know where we are going. It’s a surprise! Which I can’t believe I have kept from them this long!

We have friends! It’s not quantity, it’s quality! That is especially true when talking about friends! I am overjoyed to have met someone who helps lift me up and makes me smile. I’m pretty sure it goes both ways too! Even for the kids! I am completely elated over this!

Whatever is happening around you or to you, it doesn’t have to be something big to be FABULOUS and make you feel good. Maybe it’s going to the bathroom alone….without kids. That makes me happy! Or you found your favorite writing pen. Seriously, there is nothing to small to change your feelings for a day…or a lifetime! Always on the bright side!

Happy Friday My Friends



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