Friday And Fabulous!

It’s Friday!

I know I just got back from vacation but I can not wait to relax all weekend long with my kiddos. Our vacation was go, go, go and today means relaxation, movies and board games! What could be more fabulous than that?

Upon coming home from vacation, Travis and his mom were beginning to get sick. Now I am getting sick and Levi is as well. Levi NEVER gets sick! I mean NEVER!!! I couldn’t even tell you the last time he had a cold because it’s so rare. We won’t let this damper our spirits. In just 1 short week we will be back in California (yes we seem to travel a lot) visiting my marvelous nephew and going to a family Christmas party. The kids are super excited to go back “home.” We will just do our best to get healthy before then. If not, well, we are still going. Sorry Heather! No matter how sick we get, we have something fantastic to look forward to.

Yesterday, Santa visited Delylah’s school. I have never been able to get that girl even close to Santa before. We do not have 1 picture of her with Santa. Then yesterday she tells me she sat on his lap and took a picture! I wasn’t even there to see it! But how fabulous is that? She finally isn’t afraid anymore!!!!

It’s cold! I have been waiting for the cold weather to arrive since we moved to Texas. Not only is it cold but there is almost no humidity. I am loving it! I wish we had a fireplace but the heater and some candles will have to do!

Even though Levi is sick, he woke up in a great mood! Today must have super powers!

Yesterday I had mentioned that I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet. Then I went online and finished just about all of the shopping for my kids! Today I will get the last of their stocking stuff and things I had planned on buying for others. I went from not having one thing bought to being just about done!!! Can you say FABULOUS??!!

I may not be feeling the greatest but I know that everyday has something fabulous waiting for me!

What has you feeling fabulous??



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