Flashback Friday

Before I had kids, I took care of my grandma and helped my grandpa with his books for his business. Not something I ever thought I would do but I ended up loving it and the feelings it gave me to be helping someone I loved. My grandparents instilled in me many things that they may not have known they gave me. Taught me how to be a responsible adult. I remember when I got my first credit card. I was 18 years old. I thought “free money.” I was wrong and grandpa made sure to explain to me how it worked. Of course that was after I had maxed out the card but after he told me the ways of the credit world (it was the most boring conversation ever) I never did that again!


I was a senior in high school getting ready for home coming at their house. Grandpa and dad were helping me get ready. Dad was so nervous but it wasn’t grandpa’s first rodeo so he was holding it all together for him. Seeing it captured in pictures later in life means the world to me!


After taking care of grandma for quite a few years, my grandparents moved to Arizona and I got knocked up! 20 and Yes, Knocked up! Levi was on his way and life was changing for us all. I still visited my grandparents as much as I could. In fact, that’s where Levi took his first steps and learned to swim! And they came back to visit me. They were there when he was born! A moment I will treasure forever!

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My flash bask friday for a few people I will always love and treasure every memory for the rest of my life.


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