First Kid VS Second Kid


The first child- When we were expecting our first kid everyone was there to watch his arrival. I mean everyone. People in the parking lot, in our hospital room or on their way.

The second child- Where the hell did everyone go?


The first child- I documented every month of pregnancy. I made an awesome scrap book and have a whole album dedicated just to him.

The second child- The only pictures I have of me pregnant are basically at the end when we decided we better get some photos taken and if you find an album with her plastered all in it some weirdo has a fetish because I don’t have one!


The first child- The baby was hardly ever sick, if he got sick at all and that continued so far.

The second child- Lives with the sniffles and infectious germs. Is always sick! We can’t get a break from the sickness with this one.

Time Management

The first child- I had no time to do anything but care for the baby. Everything was carefully planned around nap time, for my sake and the baby’s.

The second kid- I have no idea how I ever felt so busy caring for just one kid. I had come to the realization that whether she had a nap or not I had to get shit done and hoped she would sleep in the car. I could not make the world stop spinning for the second kid.


The first kid- At night I would rush at any sound that kid made when he was born and when he was a toddler.

The second kid- Ya, she had to figure that out on her own.


The first kid- He would get a complete outfit change if he got the slightest dirty or spit up on himself.

The second kid- Just wipe her up the best I can while cleaning up the mess she made on me as well.


The first kid- Baby proofed most, if not all of the house.

The second kid- How could anyone think a house is dangerous compare to a toddler?


The first kid- All our outings were together. As a family. We shopped together and did everything together.

The second kid- Divide and conquer. I don’t know why it took so long to figure this out. Now we separate and share kids everywhere, get what we need and get out!

Life Impact

The first kid- The shock of parenthood was tremendous and the realization that I couldn’t turn back was scary like I swallowed a boulder and jumped off a bridge.

The second kid- Times two!


The first kid- Brought the most powerful of all love into my life for the first time.

The second kid- Brought the most powerful of all love into my life for the second time. (The sentiment might make you throw up in your mouth)


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