Finding The Good In The Shit

A lot of things have been happening that make it hard to find the good. This morning I was thinking of making a post about not being able to catch a break and then it dawned on me that today is Thursday. Thankful Thursday. So damn it, I will find things that I am thankful for from all the crap that has been going wrong.

We have 2 A/C units. One isn’t working right at the moment. It keeps freezing up and running constantly. While this is a pain in the butt, a cold front is moving in and it’s breaking at a perfect time! Not only that, but I pay monthly for a home appliance warranty company so it won’t cost much to have someone come look at it. There is a bright side. I am thankful it’s cold and it broke now instead of in the summer.

Delylah has been sick since October 16th. Fevers, head and chest congestion and constant nasal drainage. She was getting better and then woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. Today we will head to the docs, which I avoid doing because they like to pump her with anti biotics that she refuses to take and her body has become immune to most. But with her being home I have a buddy to go shopping with. Sick or not. I have to go get stuff and now we get to do it together!

I haven’t been to yoga in 2 weeks. I was thinking I would get to go today but with Delylah being sick and my stomach all screwed up, it’s just not going to happen. This sounds like a downer but there is good in this. For one, that’s why I have a membership. I can go when I want. It’s always there. For two, if I start to feel better I will do some yoga at home. Just going to yoga has taught me I don’t really need the studio to pursue my yoga journey and also taught me how to flow. So if I can, I will. I have the ability and the knowledge and I am thankful for that.

Halloween is coming! My favorite holiday and the yard is all ready except the fog machine and dry ice. The last final touches. Travis won’t be here that day so before he left he did some last-minute touches I needed (that I probably would’ve broke if I did myself) and helped complete my awesome yard! Having him home for so long was amazing! Especially to complete some honey do’s his last day when I was unable to do much getting ready for my colonoscopy. I am thankful to have such a good man!

As much as I am thankful for him, I am thankful for the friends I have made. He had to go to work the day I needed my colonoscopy done and I needed a ride for me and someone to pick Levi up from swim. My neighbor was more than willing to take me to my appt, feed me after and then feed my kids dinner for me. Another friend brought Levi home from swim even though her daughter wasn’t even at swim that day. Those are the kinds of people I want in my life. The Selfless kind. I am thankful out of all the people I have met here, I have found a few I can call my people!

So, while things around me might be going to shit, I can still find the good in it. I guess my positivity is coming back. For a bit there I thought maybe I was gonna lose my shit and turn into the negative lady no one wants to talk to. Keep looking for the good in the bull shit. It’s there. You can even use bull shit for fertilizer. There’s good in everything!

Happy Thursday My Friends


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2 thoughts on “Finding The Good In The Shit

  1. I’ve been trying hard to see the good in things for the last couple of weeks, and it’s been kind of a downer for me cause I keep letting myself down. Still, it’s people like you and posts like this that keep me going, thanks for the kind thoughts you’re sharing here!

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