Finding A New Method

Lately, my kids have been whiny and talk with the biggest attitude that it’s driving me crazy. Well today I am going to change things up a little bit. I talk nice to them, I repeatedly tell them if they can’t talk nice, don’t talk at all. I have learned patience to a degree most people would think I was crazy. All from reading the Parenting With Love and Logic book. (It is time to read it again, for the 4th time)  Even after all of my patience, positive attitude and changing the way I talk to them they still have terrible little attitudes.

Today I will be making 3 jars. 1 jar for each kid. The third jar will have something like poms or buttons or even money in it. They will get to start with 5 of whatever item is chosen. The item will equal either money or treat of their liking that we would not normally get. But every time their Ass Hole attitude comes out of their mouth, they talk back or argue, are just mean to each other or others they will lose 1 of the items. They may or may not find that horrific… But when they get to a certain number they have in their jar, which is undetermined, they will get their treat or money.

I could make it for chores and other things but it’s better to just have it for 1 thing I want to change at a time. If it proves successful (I don’t know if it well, I have stubborn ass kids) I will implement it for other things.

If you have kids and they have a problem speaking nicely, what do you do?

Take things away? Punish with time out? Spank?

I have tried all those and they don’t work. Taking things away from my kids never works. They have entirely too much stuff. Time out is only a temporary fix just like spanking. And really none of those punishments fits the crime of not speaking nicely.

So really, what do you do that works?

I’m going to try to figure something out…if this works I’ll let you know. But I’d really like to know what others do too. Aside from locking myself away from them and ignoring them until they are grown ups!


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