Finally Getting Better

All the wishing for Delylah to get better is finally coming true. She got sick in December and I just figured it was a cold. I’m positive it was. Naturally it progressed into pneumonia and then I felt terrible for not taking her to the docs sooner. After fighting her to take anti biotics she began to get a rash and then vomit after taking them. So, once again we headed back to the docs to find out that her body doesn’t tolerate that type of anti biotic which was weird to me because she had taken it before.

Now she has a new anti biotic and has been coughing less. Between breathing treatments, steriods and those anti biotics I’m so glad she is starting to feel like her self again. She is not running about like my crazy child but she is moving more and wanting to do more. All good things!

Unfortunately as she begins to rise up, I now have a sore throat from hell! I’m sure that is how it will begin for me. All this time of her being sick and no one here getting it, of course it would be me. The only up side to that is that I don’t mind taking my medicine and whatever else I have to do to get better so I shouldn’t be sick nearly as long as her. By starting to take stuff early I shouldn’t get that bad anyways.

I’m glad she is beginning to get better in time for her birthday party tomorrow!!! My big 6 year old! Her request for a disco party was odd but I can’t wait to see everyone dancing the day away to celebrate my baby girl!


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