Every mom needs a night out. Every parent needs a night out. Every person, working or not, needs a night out. It is sometimes hard to pull yourself away from the craziness in your life or from your children. Sometimes it is the best thing for you to stay sane. I get to go out tonight. Although I will have my kids in tow, (wedding) it will still be some much needed time away from the craziness in my life right now. I benefit it as well as the people around me.

Just being in the company of other people is a great stress reliever. Talking to the kids, my husband and even the dog is fine for a bit but every now and then it’s great to get out and have new conversations….with anyone!

I know that every time I go out, no matter what I end up doing, it feels like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. I am smiling more and even if it’s only until I get back to the reality that awaits me, it’s all worth it.

Today I have to get some work done before I go. Pack a few more boxes, clean up the house, finish up the laundry. But doing those things will help me enjoy myself that much more knowing it’s all done! This time I am taking my kids. I could get a babysitter but I don’t want to. We are heading to a family wedding and there will be plenty for them to do and it could very well be the last time we see some of them. While I am mingling, dancing and having fun with my family, they will be doing the same with their cousins. It’s a night out for all of us and we all need it! A night out without house hunting, checking emails, talking business or preparing for the move! YES!

It is not the going out of port but the coming in that determines the success of the voyage. We shall see how this night out goes!

Happy Saturday My Friends



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One thought on “FINALLY, A NIGHT OUT!

  1. Hope you had a lovely night! Sometimes a family night out is so great and it is wonderful seeing the kids having a ball as well as you getting some good adult conversation in with friends and family too. 🙂

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