Feeling tired this morning. Sleep evaded me last night and I was left awake to wander in my thoughts for hours. The path my thoughts took was a depressing one. Thinking about friends and family that I miss. About my journal which has been on the back burner for a bit and desperately needs love. Wondering where it even is. After moving I have not seen it. Wondering how much longer my boob will hurt and will the doctor let me do “light” house cleaning and exercise when I see him next week? How long can I really go without doing stuff and not going crazy!

Even with all the craziness that has been happening I have a husband that is downstairs right now cleaning because I can’t. Helping me wash my hair because it’s difficult still. Making sure I don’t do too much because we all want me to heal. Swimming with the kids and doing all the heavy lifting. I have immense adulation for him. Helping each other in our times of need, whether they be tough or not, is part of how we got this far.

The kids have been having a hard time with my healing. They have always had me to help with whatever came up and to endlessly play with them. Now I can’t bend over without my boob hurting and I’m not able to lift just about anything. They have grown so much in the past 3 weeks. Stepping in to being a little lady and young man. Helping when I need it, even if it’s just to hand me something. Always asking if I’m hurting and making sure that I’m ok.

We have a family that cares about one another immensely. Nothing we do is small. If one of us is hurting, another is there to kiss you and tell you everything will be ok. Nothing goes unsaid and nothing could make me happier. We are a truly blessed family that communicates even when someone doesn’t want to. We get through everything together and come out stronger as a result of our together-ness.

While I may be restricted in what I can do physically, I am not in my ability to love my family and appreciate even the smallest of gestures.

Kind words and nice ways.

Happy Monday My Friends



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