Fabulous Friday!

It’s a Fabulous kind of Friday!
That’s what my 5 year old is calling it and I’m going to jump on her wagon and join in!
Reasons for feeling Fabulous on this fine Friday!!!
I had a FABULOUS nights sleep last night. No kids waking up or in my bed! A full 8 hours! SCORE!
It’s Friday! Just being Friday is a good enough reason to feel Fabulous!
I woke up and got my work out in super early. Always makes my body feel Fabulous!
After my workout and getting ready I check my blog status on Top Mommy and am overwhelmed with the love and support I have from my readers! You guys rock and make everyday Fabulous for me!
Another day on the ranch getting stuff done is another day building our lives. Not just living them. Making it Fabulous!
My kids get to have their friends over today. They have friends to have over! So they must be likeable…right? That’s fabulous!
I’m always trying to look my best even when I’m covered in pig shit. (which I will be later) But feeling like I look good makes me feel Fabulous!!!
Not every morning things go super smooth. Sometimes shit is chaotic with screaming kids, barking dogs, fighting chickens and just stupid shit. But today things are mighty fine indeed! I’ll take that as today is going to be FABULOUS!
As my day continues to be fabulous I hope yours is just as fabulous as mine if not even better!
Have a Fabulous Friday!

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