Fabulous Friday

What a Wonderful, Fabulous Friday it is! Or will be.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks here. Between me going to the doctors, having to change my diet, things happening at the kid’s school, our A/C breaking and all of the little things in between, today has to be a good day!

At this very moment we have an A/C guy here assessing and hopefully going to fix our issue with the A/C. It wasn’t bad when the weather was cooling off but it’s back to hot and humid Texas weather and we are all sweating through the night. It will be nice to have it fixed!

Levi is heading back to therapy. We took the summer off and haven’t been back since school started. But issues at school have emotions running high for everyone here. Being bullied has been an issue for both of my kids since we moved here. There were bullies back home but we knew everyone (literally everyone) and were able to put a stop to things quickly. It seems to just get handled differently here. We are happy to be getting back to therapy. Get some ideas on how to handle the bullies and school officials and move forward.

We are all finally feeling better! After being on antibiotics for a week, my sinuses are feeling so much better. Not good enough to head back to yoga for an hour of downward facing dog but good enough to breathe through my nose while I sleep. I will take it! The kids are feeling better and even Travis could breath better today!

We’ve got kids coming over after school. Some we are watching and a then we have a little girl coming over just for fun. It will be nice for the kids to all play together and get all their crazies out!

I have gotten to video call with my niece and nephew for their birthdays this week! One was today and one was Wednesday! I love seeing their faces even if they don’t really love seeing mine. haha

It feels like I haven’t been accomplishing much at all lately. I have been feeling down in the dumps and also sick. But sitting here thinking about all I have actually accomplished lately, my list is quite long. Today I have already done 2 loads of laundry, made bee food, cleaned the cat box, took out the trash, cleaned the loft, made beds, done the dishes, cleaned the pool skimmers and did the chemicals, balanced the bank book and I am writing my blog. And it’s barely 9:30. The little things add up!

No matter what you are doing today, there is something fabulous in it!

Happy Friday My Friends


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