Fabulous Friday!

From sick to Fabulous!

It’s Fabulous Friday!

While I am still feeling tremendously under the weather, it is Friday and it WILL be Fabulous!

Yesterday I was nauseous all day long and at one point that progressed to something more. I tried to eat and couldn’t. So today is bound to be more Fabulous than that!

Levi is learning about the human body and he’s very interested in it. I’m so glad that when he was younger we took him to the body exhibit and that he can look back at that to use in his knowledge. How Fabulous is that??

Boxes are piling up in my living room. We still don’t have a place in Texas but we are in the process of getting all that taken care of. With each little step that gets accomplished I feel that much more fabulous!

Today the kids get to have friends over. In fact, a herd of them is coming over. I offered to watch some kids for a bit and I don’t mind. With us leaving I want my kids to have as much time with their friends as possible before we go. While I don’t feel super, I know it will be Fabulous for them!

We have been able to get rid of some big stuff through family and friends. Now we don’t have to worry about trying to move it or trying to get rid of it all last minute. It’s a fabulous feeling!

I have been shaving my legs almost daily! That means the weather is warming up for shorts! Fabulous!

I didn’t throw up the half a cup of coffee I drank already. So far, nothing is as fabulous as that! Maybe I’m on the up and up!

What is making your Friday Fabulous?

The real secret to a Fabulous life is to live imperfectly with great delight!

Happy Friday!


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