Fabulous Friday!

What is today?

It’s Fabulous Friday! Not just because it’s Friday. Fridays don’t even matter when you don’t have a job and your kids have been on vacation. Everyday has been Friday! I woke up with menstrual cramps and a slight headache but that doesn’t mean my day isn’t fabulous!

The weather is beautiful here in the desert. Not too hot, not too cold! I went out and watered all my mother in laws plants. When I say “all” I basically mean a jungle of plants. It felt good first thing in the morning taking in the fresh air. A Fabulous start to the day!

Travis and I are getting a lot done around here and I always love when we work together and get stuff done as a team! It’s a fabulous feeling!

We took the kids to the fair yesterday and they both slept off their sugar highs. In fact, one of them is still sleeping! Only to ensure the best of moods (I hope) when he wakes up. It’s fabulous right now so I hope it’s just as fabulous when he emerges from the darkness!

 My package was delivered to the house while we have been gone and the dogs didn’t get it! That is super fabulous and I’m super excited to get home and open it up!

I was eating and only swallowed half of my tongue ring and not the part with the bar bell. That’s pretty fabulous! That means my butt won’t hurt when I go to the bathroom which is even more fabulous!

Travis has been making me my favorite eggs for breakfast! I usually don’t eat breakfast but I love poached eggs. Light and fluffy! Fabulous!!!

Everyday is fabulous! Life is what you make it and I choose to make mine a Fabulous Friday everyday!


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