Fabulous Friday

It’s a Fabulous Friday!!!!

Things that are making my Friday Fabulous-

Another day Delylah isn’t going to school. She is healthy (as well as the rest of us) but so many other kids are not. With our party, belt testing and the fact that she has seizures with her fevers I’m happy she is home doing school work with Levi and staying Fabulously healthy!

My family begins to arrive today. Making it Fabulous!!!!

It’s lightly raining and slightly muddy so Travis offered to feed so I could stay inside. That is Absolutely Fabulous!

It was a “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” morning, if you know what I mean. Can’t get much more Fabulous than that!

We plugged in our old fridge (which stopped working last year) to see if it worked. We just don’t have enough space to hold everything for the party. Checked on it and Wallah! It works! Fabulous!!!!

It’s Levi’s first belt testing in the big kid class at Krav Maga. I’m super excited for him! He’s gonna rock it! There will be family to go and Travis gets to go for the first time. How Fabulous is that!?

For me, everyday is Fabulous! It just sounds better on a Friday!

What makes your Friday Fabulous?


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