Fabulous Friday!

Yes, It’s friday. The usual gateway to peoples partying weekend, no work having and all playing good times!

I find everyday to be quite fabulous but this morning I am feeling a little extra fabulous!

Here’s why-

Today is my daughters first performance for kindergarten. Not only am I excited but she can not stop talking about! I can not wait to see her singing her little heart out!

I meet with Levi’s ES (educational specialist) today to further go over our learning plan for him. He is doing so good with home schooling I have no doubts in my mind that he will flourish this year. (except maybe his writing, but we are working on that)

We got some news about my hubbys job. (that will be posted to you all soon enough) I believe it will bring us nothing but new opportunities and the chance for my kids to experience the diversity of new people and places. I can’t wait to find out more details about it so we can start planning our future!

My pig is still pregnant. I obviously didn’t pay too much attention to when she got knocked up. But I am glad she hasn’t had the babies yet. I have not had any extra time to deal with baby piggies. So that is fabulous.

My kids just started AWANAS again. They were both so excited when they got home. (which is rare for Levi) A feel good moment for me.

I have plans to hang with my bestie this weekend. Go hiking and watch the fights tomorrow. Then sunday, the hubby and I are taking Levi to his first Charger Football game! All of that has got me feeling extra fabulous!

What has you feeling fabulous today???


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