Fabulous First Friday In September!

It is a new Month and a new day.

With devastation all around, I have and I will find ways to stay positive. With that being said, today is a Fabulous Friday and the beginning of a Fabulous September!

My kids will finally start school this month! As long as the weather stays good and the next Tropical Storm near Mexico doesn’t hit us too hard, they will be starting school September 5th. A week late because of Harvey but it is so fabulous that they are finally going to start!

Yesterday we went and helped someone out that was affected by the devastation of Harvey. It felt good to do what I could and to show my kids how fortunate we are to not have been affected like so many others.

Since Harvey hit, it felt like all we did was eat and drink. With September beginning on a Friday I have decided to do a Sober September! It’s time to take a break from alcohol and treat myself better. Not just from the after math of Harvey, but just because it’s time. I can feel my body asking for a break.

We have bags of things for donation for the people affected by the devastation of Harvey. Today we will get to deliver those items. Makes me glad I never ended up taking them Goodwill.

The water is receding and trucks are able to get through to deliver groceries to stores and most importantly, water! This makes this Friday the most Fabulous Ever!

Delylah got her ear plugs and can now go swimming. After the storm passed she was able to swim and the ear plugs work awesome! I can’t wait to get out of the house and into the pool today. Lay out in the hot sun and breath in the fresh air!

Real reasons today is Fabulous:

The sun is shinning.

We all woke up.

We still have a house.

I’m going to make kale chips!

Travis’ car isn’t working great. But a co-worker spent the night and took him to work.

Kindness is everywhere, not just Texas.

My kids have left me alone the entire time I have been writing this….

Why I’m looking forward to September:

School starts.

I can go to Yoga as much as I want once school starts.

Travis and I will get to have day dates once school starts.

I can pay bills and clean the house in silence once school starts.

Treating my body better with Sober September.

School starts.

This post was sort of all over the place. As is my mind this morning. One thing I do know for certain, today is Friday. It is and will be Fabulous for many reasons! It is the first day of September and a great day to set goals for the new month ahead. I’ve got this!

Happy Friday My Friends


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