Emotions Of A Day

The emotions that flow through everyday can change so drastically. Yesterday, there was a lot of emotions at our house.

Levi was extremely happy when he woke up, which was a surprise given how he has been feeling lately and he hates mornings. Then when he gets home after his long day he is very short with us, a bit grumpy but not overwhelmed and crying. That’s a giant plus right now. As the afternoon progresses his attitude changes again to happy. He is calm and talkative. He just had to go through all of his emotions to end on a good one.

Delylah is a little different. She is happy when she wakes. A total morning person. Her attitude slips when it’s time to get dressed. She’s a girl and strives for perfection in everything! Her pants are too tight, her shoes hurt, she doesn’t like her hair that way. All morning, everyday we go through a lot of emotions. Arriving home from school she is usually happy. Not yesterday! She gets off the bus crying because she didn’t get perfect attendance. That is just not in the cards for my beautiful little sicky! She calms quickly and is all of a sudden excited about books she brought home to read. As her afternoon continued, she stayed happy and smiling. Even at bedtime.

Travis and I were both happy yesterday! We got a lot done without feeling overwhelmed and conquered the day. But we ended up being tired and worn out by the end.

If I could teach them one thing for life that they actually retain, it would be to wake up with a positive mindset. Waking up with a positive attitude will change their entire day. They will start believing, no matter how bad a situation is, there is always a positive in it. Always!

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Stay positive and SMILE!

Happy Friday My Friends.



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