Early Morning Travels

Getting the kids up at 3am used to be hard. We have gone on many vacations and gotten up super early for a lot of them. Now they just roll outta bed, brush their teeth half awake and fall into the car. Once in the car though they seem to all of a sudden wake up! They are pestering each other and asking too many questions.

Not this morning though.  They woke up, got up and were wide awake. We talked all the way to the airport and they loved seeing Houston at night. Delylah was most excited about how dark all the trees were and swore she saw snakes on the rode. Levi kept mentioning how awesome it was that he wasnt grumpy! (Let’s hope that lasts) I was just happy that there wasn’t a butt load of traffic and that I didn’t get lost.


Houston airport is ginormous! We aren’t big flyers yet so we spent a lot of time asking questions and walking back and forth. We are finally sitting waiting to board and can’t wait to see family! We are heading to do the River Regatta just like every year at this time. Commemorating my beloved grandparents and participating in tons of family shenanigans. It’s the last hooray before school starts for the kids!

Wake up and be AWESOME my friends!

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