Dumb Shit My Kids Have Said Recently

Kids are repetitive.

My kids have had the longest summer vacation ever! For one, we moved to Texas a year ago where they have longer summer vacations to begin with and then we were hit with a hurricane which delayed school even longer. My kids are sick of each other and frankly, I am sick of my kids being sick of each other. They are like broken records with the things coming out of their mouths!

I just know that when school starts in 2 days they will be different. I will be different. We will all be exhausted! For now, get a load of the crap that is coming out of the mouths of my beasts…I mean babes.


Just give me a minute. (for everything)

What the heck?

What the Frick?

She told me to do it.

This is the new age and you just don’t know.

You don’t care about me.

You don’t care about what I like.

Curse this primitive life style!

Ugh, God.

But Mom!

It’s your job to feed us.

You’re always drunk….

Video games are my life!



What the heck?

I didn’t do it!

Shut Up!

I literally didn’t do it.


You have a lot of grey hair.

It wasn’t me.


He won’t stop touching me.

I always pee in the pool. You put chemicals in it for a reason.

You always say we don’t have money.

I know that these days will soon be gone and they will soon be filling my days with other ridiculous versus and words. But right now, today, at this very moment even, I can hear them in the other room telling each other to stop touching the other one. Delylah is saying “literally” at the beginning of every sentence and Levi is cursing his players existence in the game. I can’t wait to hear what they say when I tell them to turn it off and come hang out with me…..

The joys of summer vacation!

Tomorrow is the very last day!!!!

Happy Sunday Night My Friends


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