Dresser Re-Do

For the first time since I have been with my husband, we have bedroom furniture that matches! We bought it at a yard sale and I had to refurbish it but it MATCHES!!! I think it’s the first time in my life I’ve actually had a “set” of furniture that matched or even a “set” of furniture ever, so refurbishing it and making it my own was something very special. I enjoyed every minute.

Now I have never actually re done something like this before so I was winging it. I did kitchen cabinets but not furniture with drawers and nooks and crannys. Anyways, this is what I started with.

20150423_112210 20150423_112155 20150423_112150

!950’s French Provincial Drexxel Dressers that I scored for a killer deal at a yard sale. There was only minor damage to the tops, sides and drawers and I would’ve left it that way as they are “vintage” but since it’s my first bedroom set I wanted them to look nice!

The first thing I did was search the French Provincial style because I wanted to stay true to them but what you see is quite true to them and I didn’t like it. Either that or basic wood. I figured out what I wanted and got to work. I took out all the drawers and took off all the hardware. Then I just started sanding. I got 80 grit sand paper and my electric palm sander. I sanded the tops down to natural wood and did a light sanding on all the drawers and sides just to get out and chips and smooth it all. Then I went over it with 120 grit sand paper for a softer finish. By the end of sanding the tops looked something like this-


My daughter the helper!

I don’t have pictures of my very next step but I believe you can picture it if you look at the picture above and then my pictures below. I took white chalk and drew a picture on the tops of all 3 dressers. I chose flowers. These flowers I happen to draw since I was in middle school. Then I took 3 different color stains(2 light colors and 1 dark) and a paint brush and started staining in the lines of the chalk. Just like coloring a picture. I blended the colors on the petals together before they dried but left the color in the middle of the flower so it would stand out. When it dried I applied an acrylic coat, sanded that with 220 grit sand paper. Applied another coat of acrylic and the tops were done!


20150425_113702 20150425_113708

These are still wet but you can see the chalk lines, It was before the acrylic. Once the acrylic goes on you can no longer see the chalk. The flower petals just blend. After the tops were done I painted the rest of the dressers and the drawers  with a flat white paint. It took 3 coats and they still had a white washed look when you look at them up close which I didn’t mind since they are “vintage”. Then I sprayed them with 2 coats of a satin clear coat and re applied all the hardware. I left the hardware as it was. I liked that the paint was cracked and old looking.

Here are my finished dressers…….

20150520_140759 dresser 20150520_140829 dresser1

For my first time doing something like the tops I like how they turned out but see how I can do them better and different and can’t wait to do another project! It took me almost a month to do the whole thing, doing it when I had time and allowing dry time. But every minute and every day waiting has been so worth it.

Now I just need some man power to help me get them into the house!



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