Don’t Forget To Be Thankful

With everything going on, not just in my life but all our lives I think we sometimes forget to be Thankful. Whatever is going on in your life might seem terrible but if you take the time to look around I’m sure you’ll find reasons to be Thankful. That’s right. It’s Thankful Thursday.

Today I am thankful most for Travis. No matter what, he supports me. No matter what, he will communicate with me and talk with me about he feels and about how I feel even when it’s sort of ridiculous.

I am Thankful for my best friends. I don’t get to see one all the time but when we do see each other and talk to each other it’s the way it always is. We don’t skip a beat. They are always there when I need someone to vent too, need advice or help, and I hope I do the same for them.

I am Thankful for my health and my families. Last year I had a crazy few months with my cyst and not knowing what was going on or what was going to happen. Yes, I have to take BC to make sure I don’t get anymore but that’s a small price to pay to keep it from happening again.

I am thankful for therapy. Something more people should take advantage of. People think they don’t need it and that they are fine but really it’s very nice to talk to someone else about what’s going on in your life without any judgmental stuff. I know Levi appreciates it too. He feels better after every session!

I am Thankful for time. That may seem silly but time is not promised. Today is not promised. I am Thankful I have time to play with my kids. To spend time with Travis. Time to be with the people I love.

I am Thankful I get to live in a place that has all four seasons. That may not be for much longer but I do for now and I am so Thankful for that. Super hot summers. My leaves change colors and fall from my trees in the fall. It snows in the winter. In the spring everything blossoms and is beautiful. Some don’t appreciate it but it is a wonderful thing to be able to experience it all.

What are you Thankful for today?


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